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Salisbury Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant, Surveys, Inspections, Installations and Repairs. 

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Salisbury Sewage Treatment

Homeseptic in Salisbury

We are a small company based locally just outside Salisbury on the edge of the downs. Our objective is to offer an honest, friendly and cost-effective solution to your drainage needs. We only undertake two jobs at a maximum each week. Each job is led by a Director. Both of our Operations Directors have over 25 years of experience in the Drainage sector. This means you will not get a flash salesman followed by untrained and inexperienced workers. When we come to quote you will meet the Director who will lead your job. We are the only company in the sector to offer this way of working and as a result, are always busy.  Please get in contact to see if we can help.

What is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

A Sewage Treatment Plant is a sealed unit that takes the sewage from your domestic or commercial property and treats it before discharging a purified liquid. Depending on the system you have or choose, the quality of the discharge can be almost completely clear water.

The legislation is also changing to favour the environmentally friendly Sewage Treatment Plant option. In reality, this means that you are unlikely to get permission to install a new septic tank. A sewage treatment plant is likely to be the only option open to you. The process, however, is not complicated so please do not worry. Get in contact with us and we can walk you through your options.

As well as existing regulation, further changes to the law will come into effect from January 2020. This new set of legislation targets the discharge from an existing system and sets standards for new installs. Any Septic Tank emitting directly to a watercourse will be made illegal. This requires the owner to take action or face legal action. The action required is normally to redirect the discharge to a drainage field or Soakaway.

The 2020 legislation will also impact and Septic tank owners when you come to sell your house. It also raises questions and demands from new buyers. We have compiled a detailed examination of the 2020 changes to the law, please follow this link. The 2020 rules may mean that you need to have work carried out before you sell your house. In addition, you will be expected to provide evidence of the regular servicing of the system. Again if you have any concerns or problems please get in contact.

What is the difference between a Sewage Treatment Plant and a Septic Tank?

The main difference between the two systems is that a Septic Tank does not treat the effluent entering it. A Sewage Treatment Plant treats and cleans the effluent inside the tank, emitting clean clear water.

A Septic Tank is designed to separate out the major pollutants but the discharge still contains effluent particles. The bulk of the solid bad stuff stays inside the tank and is taken away when emptied. This is why the quality of effluent can be poor if a Septic Tank is not maintained and emptied regularly. In a Septic Tank system, the real treatment of the effluent takes place in the Septic Soakaway, if installed correctly. If a Septic Tank releases to a watercourse then it is essentially raw sewage. This is why from January 2020 such discharges will become illegal, you can see why!

A Sewage Treatment Plant treats the waste internally primarily through aerobic digestion. This is a more efficient and effective replica of the process that happens in the soakaway of a Septic Tank. Many Sewage Treatment Plants are sophisticated and self-managing ensuring the discharge is of consistent quality. Due to the clear environmental benefits of the Sewage Treatment plants, legislation and regulation increasingly favour them. Due to the changes in the regulatory environment Sewage Treatment Plants have become the industry standard.

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New Forest Philosophy

Homeseptic is based in the New Forest situated between the cities of Southampton, Salisbury and Bournemouth. We are a group of friends who grew up together and grew tired of the way other Drainage firms are run.

Our values are to actually put the customer first and turn up to do a job we can be proud of. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the market, with most companies pressuring their workers to sell unnecessary works on a visit. We are honest hard working professionals, which we are certain you will agree with. We will not turn up in flash sales vehicles and give you a load of chat and then do a terrible job. Our team comes with a job in mind, focused on giving you the best value we can in order to facilitate a quality installation. 

Homeseptic covers all of Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. Please get in touch and see what you think.

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Services, Surveys, Inspections and Installations for Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants
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