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Air Compressors, Pumps and Blowers. What do they do & which is the best? 

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What is the function of an air blower/compressor in a sewage treatment plant?

 An air compressor is a mechanical unit that uses electricity to produce a constant flow of pressurised oxygen. This keeps the system functioning by providing its integral bacteria with the oxygen they need. Without this, the bacteria will die and treatment will cease. An air compressor is also known as an air pump or air blower.

The pressurised oxygen is usually pumped into the treatment area of a modern aerating unit. This area is filled with media, which are generally plastic three-dimensional structures designed to create a large surface space. The friendly bacteria that treat the waste live on this surface space. By creating an artificially large surface area and filling this area with a concentration of oxygen it is possible to maintain a far greater volume of friendly bacteria.

What is the cost or price of a sewage treatment plant air blower,  air compressor, or air pump?

The price of an air pump varies on the size of the pump required and the quality of its construction. An air pump is sized depending on the volume of expected effluent and the type of system being used. The size is based on the required liters of oxygen per minute that the system requires. A normal aerating plant sized for a 4 bedroom house normally requires around 60L pm. This sized pump costs between £100 and £200 dependent on quality.

Does an air compressor for a Sewage Treatment Plant make a noise?

Yes, an air compressor does make a noise. Depending on the type this is caused by the piston within moving and compressing air. We use three makes of compressor the level of noise ranges from 50db to around25db. This is equivalent to constant humming noise.

What is the best air compressor/blower for a Sewage Treatment Plant?

We use 3 makes of compressor depending on a client’s requirements and budget. Below is a guide to those compressors, their cost, and their basic functionality. The guide is based on a 60LPM compressor, which is normally used on a 6-population tank used to support a 4-bedroom property. This is of course based on our opinion and experience. Please note that we are not paid or otherwise incentivised by any of these suppliers.

Bronze: Charles Austen ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump.

The Charles Austen range is the base level of the compressor we fit and recommend. This is the standard compressor supplied with Marsh systems. The cost of this compressor is around £100. The pump functions by converting electrical energy into the movement of a diaphragm, this sucks in and compresses oxygen which is pumped into the treatment chamber of a Sewage Treatment Plant. The average noise output is around 50 Db.

Silver: Secoh JDK-S-60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump.

The Secoh compressor in our opinion is a better all-round compressor than the Charles Austin. The cost of this compressor is around £150. The pump functions by converting electrical energy into the movement of a diaphragm, this sucks in and compresses oxygen which is pumped into the treatment chamber of a Sewage Treatment Plant. The average noise output is around 35 Db.

Gold: Medo LA-60B Air Compressor. 

The Medo air compressor is the Rolls Royce of air pumps. Medo pumps are different from other compressors as they do not use a diaphragm. Instead, they use engineered & machined, PTFE lined, metal-alloy “Linear-shuttles” at the heart of their pumps to generate the airflow. This technology results in higher performance, quieter running & up to double the useful life when compared to diaphragm blowers. The cost of the compressor is around £220. The average noise output is around 25 Db.

Want to learn more?

We have a large collection of articles containing the answer to all of your questions. Check out our Blog Page. If you cannot find the answer you are after please let us know. Unfortunately, the age of just having your Septic Tank that discharges “somewhere” and you have emptied every 10 years are over. To be honest this is a good thing. While the Environment Agency is very difficult to deal with and this can be incredibly frustrating the essence of the rules is actually quite straightforward.

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Homeseptic offers high quality, professional advice, repairs and installation for all aspects of effluent cleansing and disposal across the south of England. Whether you’re looking for septic tank installation, sewerage treatment plants or systems, piping or soakaway solutions, Homeseptic employs only the most competent engineers in the drainage and treatment industry and knows exactly which solutions suit each property.

We only install and offer quality systems we believe in, from suppliers we know and trust. As with everything if you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to let us know. If you have experience with a particular system that you would like us to install we will consider this. However, not all systems are appropriate for all ground and inlet conditions. Some manufacturers also insist that an installer is accredited to them, this is a way they bind installers to their brands. Normally if we talk to them they say it is not a problem. 

New Forest Philosophy

As we have said Homeseptic is based in the New Forest. A great location in between the cities of Southampton, Salisbury and Bournemouth. We are a group of good friends who grew up together in the area.  Individually we all have grown tired of the way other Drainage and Septic Tank firms are run. As a result, this is why we set up Homeseptic.

We want to actually put the customer first and turn up to do a great job that we can be proud of. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the market, with most companies pressuring their workers to sell unnecessary works on a visit. Due to this, we offer upfront quotations with any variations discussed before we start work. At our free quote visit the engineer will look at the site, customer requirements and available space and access etc to generate an installation quote. If accepted we will return and undertake a survey of the pipework to look for any issues and importantly rainwater entering the system, at this point we will issue an updated quote. 

We are honest hard working professionals, which we hope you will agree with. As a result, it will certainly not turn up in flash sales vehicles and give you a load of chat and then do a terrible job. Our team will come with the job in mind and the aim of giving you the best value we can in order to facilitate a quality installation.

We cover all of Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, and Wiltshire. Please get in touch and see what you think. We offer free quote visits for anyone thinking of changing their system or who just wants an idea of the cost and possible solutions available. We also offer a market-leading survey service for customers moving or selling their homes. As the private sewage industry becomes more regulated many solicitors and mortgage lenders are asking for a survey to be undertaken with an assessment of the system’s compliance. Another very useful aspect of having a survey carried out is that it also covers damage to existing pipework, the cost of which to repair can be as much as a whole new system.

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Compressors, Pumps and Blowers, what do they do and which is the best?
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