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New Forest based, Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Installers, Surveyors and Services.

We offer a Free quote for all installations and replacements. As well as a range of survey and maintenance options. Please get in contact on 0800 3101092 or contact us here

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Homeseptic’s core services in The New Forest

We are a small and friendly company based in the New Forest, Hampshire who specialises in off-mains drainage solutions. Please feel free to give us a call to chat through any concerns you have or just to get a bit more information to help your understanding. Below is an outline of the main services and solutions we offer.

Septic Tank Surveys and inspections for those buying or selling a house in the New Forest.

With the introduction of the General Binding Rules in 2015 and the 2020 ban on Septic Tanks being able to discharge directly to surface water, it has become standard practice for a survey to be required by mortgage companies and solicitors to assess any off-mains system. We offer a comprehensive investigation and report of any such system to both give you the confidence needed to buy your new property with confidence and to fulfill any legal or financing questions. If you are Buying or Selling a property with a Septic Tank, Sewage Treatment Plant or Cesspool/Cesspit then please have a look at the following links:

Home Sellers Septic Survey New Forest: This article illustrates the main reason to have a survey if you are selling a house.

Home Buyer Septic Survey New Forest: This article illustrates the main reason to have a survey if you are buying a new property.

Buying a house with a Septic tank, Cesspit, or sewage treatment plant: This is a great article for anyone either buying or selling a property that is not up to date with the new regulations.

Septic Tank Replacement & Installation New Forest:

Septic Tanks are simple devices, they offer a basic level of rudimental treatment. However as with everything it has a finite life span. The main cause of a septic tank failing is some form of structural failure which means the wastewater is no longer contained within the tank and it leaks out. This means even the basic level of treatment of the wastewater does not occur and effectively raw sewage seeps out into the ground. This leads to pollution occurring and the tank sitting outside of the General Binding Rules, which are set by the Environment Agency. The other main cause of a Septic Tank needing to be replaced is the 2020 change to legislation concerning Septic Tanks if they discharge to surface water. Essentially as of the 1st of January 2020 if you have a Septic tank that discharges to either a ditch, river, stream, pond, or lake you will need to replace it with a Sewage Treatment Plant. Please see our more detailed article for more information: Septic Tank Rules 2020.

Septic Tank Repair New Forest:

Can a Septic Tank be repaired? The answer to this depends on two main factors, the construction material used and the type and extent of the damage. There are two main types of construction materials, glass fibre, and brick & concrete. Modern fibre tanks are very difficult to repair if they lose structural integrity. In most cases, a replacement tank will be required. Brick & concrete tanks are easier to repair, the main factor here is the type of damage. A common situation with these types of tanks is where a wall begins to bow and crack due to the external pressure of the ground. In these situations, the tank will likely need replacing. If the leak or loss of integrity is caused by mortar having washed away then it is possible to repair the tank by repointing.

Septic Tank Problems New Forest:

The top 10 warning signs of Septic Tank Problems.

  • Slow flushing or in extreme cases an overflowing toilet.
  • Effluent or liquid surfacing around your septic tank, soakaway or drainage field.
  • If you’re discharging to a watercourse, a slow odorous discharge.
  • Movements in the ground in the vicinity of your system.
  • Horrible smells.
  • Gurgling or overflowing drains.
  • Septic tank problems after it rains
  • Problems with your washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
  • Your tank needs emptying more frequently.
  • Water collecting around your manholes.

If you are having problems with your Septic Tank then please head to our main Septic tank problems page: Septic Tank Problems – The signs and solutions

Soakaway Problems and Regulation New Forest:

If you have a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment plant then it will need to discharge the treated wastewater somewhere. There are two options either to surface water or into the ground. If you discharge to the ground and your system was installed before 2007 it was likely to a soakaway. A soakaway is simply a hole in the ground normally filled with rubble. If your soakaway fails or you are installing a new system then an old-style soakaway is no longer an allowable option. The only solution now allowable without a permit from the Environment Agency is a Drainage Field. For more information please see the following page: Soakaway Regulations.

Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant  Maintenance & Servicing New Forest.

Legally you have to have your tank serviced and emptied annually to comply with the General Binding Rules. The main reason that this is required is to ensure that your system is not working effectively and not causing pollution. We can help you here and offer a no-fuss annual servicing plan. Servicing & Maintenance page.

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New Forest News:

Policy DM7: Restrictions on new soakaways

Barton on Sea: A soakaway restriction zone is defined at Barton on Sea. Within this zone,  the development of a soakaway will only be permitted if there is capacity to connect directly to an available surface water system, or highway drainage system via a controlled connection, which may require the use of storage. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to construct a new surface water system or a rainwater harvesting system.

About Us & Our Services

Homeseptic performs maintenance, repairs, and installation on all makes and kinds of Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants in the New Forest. We also carry out all types of, private drainage, Soakaway and drainage field replacements for storm water, rain water, and effluent. All of us grew up in the Forest and love the area. We have all worked in the drainage industry for the last couple of decades but have grown frustrated at how other companies operate. This is why we formed Homeseptic. We want to do a good job at a sensible price and leave a job feeling good about the work we have done. We don’t want to over charge, we don’t want to be rushed and we don’t want to install a system we know will fail. 

You will find we will always endeavour to find an efficient solution to all your drainage requirements. Removing and treating foul waste from a property is crucial for safety, hygiene, your ability to sell your property in the future and to ensure you are complying with legislation. Therefore it is sensible to call in trained professionals for the installation of a treatment plant or septic tank or in fact any drainage work.

What does a waste treatment plant do?

A treatment plant processes waste to a far higher standard than a septic tank installation. It effectively combines the process of both an old Septic Tank and its drainage field. Effluence is typically clear between 96% and 98% pure water and can be offloaded into a ditch or watercourse. From the 1st of January 2020, no Septic Tank system can be discharged directly to a ditch or watercourse. Given the challenge with soil type, the water table and access many New Forest Properties currently discharge to a ditch or watercourse. If you are unsure give us a call and we will check your existing system.

Although standard treatment plants use gravity to operate some will require an additional pumping system. Again this is very common because of the unique challenges the New Forest offers particularly in areas with a high water table or clay type soils. The new regulation requires all owners of Septic tanks and Sewage Treatment plants to have annual services and effluent checks, this can prove crucial when coming to sell your property. Again get in contact if you have any questions.

Environmentally friendly Graf products:

Coming from the Forest we are keen environmentalists, which is why conditions allow we offer Graf Tank products. These German engineered systems are ultra-environmentally friendly.

The Graf tanks are single-chambered injection moulded systems set up to be ultra environmentally conscious from production through to the output. They are also designed with no moving parts or mechanical elements making them reliable, less costly and easier to maintain. See the Graf page here.

  • Sustainability starts with the manufacturing, this type of tank tech normally requires 2.7 kWh per kg of plastic to produce, Graf has it down to between 0.38 and 0.5 kWh. Further, all heat generated by the process is recovered and used to heat the companies logistics buildings. All the materials used are 100% recyclable.
  • Electric usage is kept to a minimum, 46kWh per person per year for the One2Clean and 43kWh for the advanced, a 9w energy saving bulb uses 78kWh, normal sludge activated systems use 217kWh.
  • Both of the Graf systems only require one pumping process compared to three in normal systems, extending the life of the core air compressor and delivering the energy savings.
  • The unique way the system treats the waste minimises the level of sludge produced and generates market-leading odourless effluent quality. Graf claims this leads to a carbon footprint of 25% compared to conventional wastewater treatment systems.

Where on your property can the treatment plant be installed?

This depends largely on the layout of the property and Building Regulations from the Environment Agency. We will assess your site and work with you to find the best solution for your installation. Ultimately a site and system which you are happy with.

The New Forest District Council offers the following advice. To be honest it’s pretty unhelpful but gives you a starting place for further research.

If you are really geeky and want to get into the detail of the geology and drainage of the Forest then this is a great read. The Streams of the New Forest: A study in Drainage Evolution.

Our Core Septic Tank services and Information

Septic Tank Installation uk

We are based in the New Forest, Hampshire but operate throughout  Hants, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Berkshire. We will venture further a field, just give us a call for the best value quote you will receive delivered by our expert engineers. Please go to our in depth Installation page.

Septic Tank Problems:

Give us a call we may be able to help you over the phone. Failing that for more complicated issues we can dispatch an engineer to investigate. Please check out our Problems page.


Legally you have to have your tank serviced annually and emptied to avoid any pollution. We can help you here and offer a no fuss annual servicing plan. Our Servicing & Maintenance page.


Towns in the area that we cover:

We cover the whole of the New Forest and surrounding towns. Due to the rural nature of the area many towns and villages are not connected to mains sewerage. Here is a quick guide to some of our favourite towns and villages. Beaulieu and Exbury and Hythe home of Beaulieu National Motor Museum, and Exbury Gardens a must in spring time. Nearby is Hythe with the world’s oldest pier train. There are views across to Southampton Docks to see all the cruise large liners. Drainage conditions as with all the Forest vary markedly from property to property.


Brockenhurst has a main line station to London Waterloo and thus contains many second home owners and London commuters. It is a pleasant village in the New Forest, with a ford running through the main high street. Ponies and Donkeys wander freely. It also has the Forests biggest College which several of us attended in our youth and I until recently sat as a governor. Many of the properties here use ditches and watercourses to discharge effluent. If you live here and are unsure, it is worth getting your system checked to avoid falling foul of the upcoming legislation changes. A sewage treatment plant is a must.


Burley is a central stop for holiday makers. With its Witch themed high street, cream teas and the home of New Forest Cider. As well as the annual fairy festival. There are a couple of nice pubs to while away the day. It is also a key stop on the New Forest open top bus. Nearby is the village of Bransgore with its lovely Public Houses and former world darts champion. These two areas have a large variety of drainage solutions largely due to the varying height of landscape.

Cadnam is a small forest edge hamlet on the entrance to the New Forest as you come off the M27. Once famous for an oak tree which was reputed to come into leaf on Christmas Day.


Christchurch: Close to Bournemouth with its award winning beaches, and exciting night life. The town is home to Christchurch Priory, the neighbouring town of Highcliffe with its dramatic coastline is also worth a visit.

Avon Valley: Fordingbridge to Ringwood

Ringwood, Fordingbridge,Sandleheath,Woodgreen, Breamore, Ibsley, Bickton, Harbridge, Alderholt, Ellingham and Blashford follow the course of the Avon at the Northern edge of the park. The river and large surrounding gravel basin cause a headache for the installation of Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants. This is due to the high water table making Drainage fields almost an impossibility to install. Another knock on affect is that it is very difficult to excavate a deep enough hole to accommodate a tank and keep the tank in the hole. As such the majority of off drainage solutions discharge directly to a ditch or watercourse.


Lymington is a famous Yachting town with Marinas and Cobbled Quay, Saturday Market, lots of restaurants, a branch line station and the ferry to the Isle of Wight. This also Includes the villages of Everton, Hordle, Pennington and nearby Sway. Lymington as a bigger town has large elements of mains drainage with the outlying unconnected properties which vary in nature and solution.


Lyndhurst the gateway to the New Forest and home of the with New Forest Museum. The Verderers Court which oversees the forest’s Commoners is located here.  Close by is Minstead, one of many delightful forest villages, the resting place of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels. Lyndhurst itself is big enough to benefit from areas of mains drain but many of the properties on the outskirts are off drainage.

Milford and Keyhaven are situated 3 miles from Lymington. Milford has a stony beach, which is safe for swimming, with lovely views to the Isle of Wight. Keyhaven is part of the Solent Way and has a lovely pub and a sailing club. From here you can walk out along the spit to visit Hurst Castle.

New Milton and Barton are uniquely situated, sandwiched between the New Forest and the sea. With Ashley, Bashley and Barton-on-Sea right on its door step. These areas have a hotchpotch of geological features making each treatment plant installation unique.

Totton and Eling. Totton used to be known as the largest village in England. Located on the edge of the New Forest but close to Southampton and the M271. Eling is a very pretty village with the Toll Bridge, Eling Tide Mill and a lovely Creek full of yachts and small boats. These areas due to their proximity to Southampton have access to mains but again because of the rural origins have several pockets of off drainage requirements.

Geology, overview of  the area:

The central core of the New Forest extends across an elevated plateau. Sloping gently from north to south towards the Solent Coast. Rivers and streams cutting through the plateau have formed gently sloping valleys. These are between low flat-topped hills and created much of the rolling landscape towards the centre of the Forest.

Towards the north the valleys are deeper, whilst near the coast the land is flatter and more open. The whole area is contained within a downfold of the surrounding chalk, forming part of the Hampshire Basin. The New Forest National Park sits in the Hampshire ‘Basin’ – a shallow dip surrounded by the chalk downlands of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset with the prominent ridge of the Isle of Wight to the south.

Soil types of the area:

Gravel, sand and clay predominate, dating from the time when the entire New Forest area was a shallow sea or large river estuary. The landscape is punctuated by a number of sand and gravel pits, both disused and active. On the surface, the New Forest National Park is a mixture of poor soils in flat, gravelly areas; richer clay and loam that is well-drained; and water-logged, marshy bogs or mires. The bed of clay a metre or less below the surface is a hard, impervious layer and creates the saturated, spongy earth that is characteristic of large parts of the National Park. Forest soils are generally derived from soft clays and sands, overlain in many areas by deposits of flint, gravels and windblown brickearth.

As you can imagine the soil conditions provide tremendous challenges for drainage systems both foul and water. This again is another example of why you should get a professional company into at least quote for a sewage treatment installation. I feel that once you at least talk to a properly qualified installer you will be able to pick out the cowboys who will leave you with an expensive non-working system.

Planning Regulation:

A number of sites within the New Forest National Park are of recognised geological importance. This along with the national park status creates a unique set of planning requirements. We are used to dealing with these, please get in touch.

For more geological information check out this government site.




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