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Homeseptic: Maintenance, servicing and inspection of all modern domestic Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants.

Based in the New Forest, Hampshire we carry out the maintenance, servicing and repair of all Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants. We offer a free quote for all work please get in contact on 0800 3101092. We also cover Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex. 


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Servicing & Maintenance of Sewage Treatment & Packaged Treatment Plants

Get in contact with us on 0800 3101092  or via our Contact Page

Homeseptic performs maintenance, repairs, and installation on all makes and kinds of Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants in the New Forest and surrounding counties. We also carry out all types of, private drainage, Soakaway, and drainage field replacements for stormwater, rainwater, and effluent. All of us grew up in the Forest and love the area. We have all worked in the drainage industry for the last couple of decades but have grown frustrated at how other companies operate. This is why we formed Homeseptic. We want to do a good job at a sensible price and leave a job feeling good about the work we have done. We don’t want to overcharge, we don’t want to be rushed and we don’t want to install a system we know will fail. 

You will find we will always endeavor to find an efficient solution to all your drainage requirements. Removing and treating foul waste from a property is crucial for safety, hygiene, your ability to sell your property in the future, and to ensure you are complying with legislation. Therefore it is sensible to call in trained professionals for the maintenance of a treatment plant or septic tank or in fact any drainage work.

Why do I need to maintain or service my sewage system?

Okay let’s just get it out there; you need to get your septic tank or sewage treatment plant emptied annually. This is as a minimum. The regulation states that you need to get your tank emptied/de-sludged before it exceeds its maximum capacity and at least annually. This is no longer guidance just to stop you from destroying your tank, although obviously sensible. With current and impending environmental-based regulation, this is to help stop you from breaking the law. If you do not regularly empty, before you reach your system’s maximum then the effluent quality will diminish. This could lead to you breaking the law on the acceptable quality of your discharge.

Okay, so you should get your tank emptied annually, great. If you have a Sewage Treatment Plant then you need to get the tank checked annually. This check looks to see if the tank is working properly but also tests the effluent quality. This is really important for two reasons. Firstly if the tank is outside of the Environment Agency guidance on effluent quality then you are illegally discharging. Secondly; if you want to sell your house in the future there is an increasing demand for evidence of service history.  

What is the cost of a Septic Service? 

We charge £150 for services in the New Forest. We may have to add some fuel money for jobs towards the edge of our coverage but it will be minimal.

This Service does not include an empty. To be able to carry out a proper service of the tank we need to see it in action. So please do not get the tank emptied prior to us attending the site. Our engineer will let you know if it needs emptying after the Service. As we have spoken about this should be done annually anyway. A tank empty generally costs between £140 and £180.

If something is broken we will try to fix it there and then at no extra cost. If the fix is more complicated or requires parts then we will let you have a free quote and leave it to you to decide.

At the end of the service, we will give you a certification of service and test. You should keep this with all the other paperwork relating to the septic system should you come to sell.

What do we do during the service?

Check the Functionality of the system: 

Our experienced engineers will look over the system for signs of malfunction, structural defaults, and telltale signs of faults. They will then run the various elements of the system, air blower, compressor, and discharge to test that everything is running as it should. They will make a note of anything that appears to be sub-optimal.

Check Effluent Quality:

This is the most important element of the service. Think of it as being similar to a car emissions test. Under the General Binding rules enforced by the Environment Agency, it is your responsibility to ensure the effluent quality is within legal guidelines. This test ensures that the system’s wastewater discharge is within legally acceptable limits. The test also shows how far the effluent quality has diverged from the tank’s original condition. This will help the engineer determine how serious any faults seen earlier are. 

Test of any areas of concern:

Now the engineer is aware of the effluent quality and the condition of the main components of the system they will go back to look at any areas of concern more closely.

If the tank failed its effluent test the engineer will look to correct any setup issues or fix minor faults. If this cannot be achieved the engineer will produce a report and quote for the necessary works to repair, much like an MOT.


As with a car MOT, we will give you a signed report detailing the results of the service and the work carried out. This will include the results of the effluent quality test. This certificate should be kept with your household documents and will be needed should you come to sell your property. 

Our Core Services

Installation, Replacement, Servicing  & Surveys of Septic Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants.

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Our Core Septic Tank Services and Information

Septic Tank Installation UK

We are based in the New Forest, Hampshire but operate throughout  Hants, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Berkshire. We will venture further a field, just give us a call for the best value quote you will receive delivered by our expert engineers. Please go to our in-depth Installation page.

Septic Tank Problems:

Give us a call we may be able to help you over the phone. Failing that for more complicated issues we can dispatch an engineer to investigate. Please check out our Problems page.


Legally you have to have your tank serviced annually and emptied to avoid any pollution. We can help you here and offer a no-fuss annual servicing plan. See our Service & Maintenance page

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